1. Who is CRH?

For more than four decades we have been working to improve the built environment. 

The CRH Group was founded in 1970 in Ireland under the name Cement Roadstone Holdings, being one of the international leaders in the field of construction materials, with approximately 85,000 employees, in round 3,600 units across 32 countries. 

Today, CRH is the largest company of construction materials in North America, the second largest in the world and the second on the market of aggregates, a powerful partner within wide infrastructure and development projects. The group is leader in Europe, occupying, at the same time, strategic positions in the emerging economic regions in Asia and South America. 

CRH aims to improve the construction segment by supplying high quality construction products and materials for the production and maintenance of infrastructure and commercial projects. 

The portfolio of products is wide and balanced, covering all sectors of the construction industry, including distribution networks and accessories for construction solutions, as well as heavy traditional construction materials: cement, aggregates and concrete. 

CRH is a global construction materials company with a successful historical evolution, solid performance and clear commitment regarding the labour safety and the commercial ethics practices.

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