The services associated with the solutions provided by Ferrobeton Romania support the successful implementation of construction projects.

Technical consultancy

We strongly believe in long-term partnerships and work closely with our customers to meet the complex requirements of each specific project.

The technical consultancy offered by Ferrobeton Romania experts is one of the support services you can rely on any time.

We start from your vision and offer the best customized solutions, which ensure the success of your project and lay the foundations for a long-lasting collaboration.

For safe, efficient, sustainable constructions, always with optimized costs.


From the design and engineering stage we are dedicated to the success of your project.

The superior technology, advanced know-how and integrated approach of Ferrobeton Romania’s team allow us to offer the best solutions with precast concrete. For every project.

The expertise of our specialists and partners, in the use of specific tools from the field of engineering and design, allows us to manage projects with a wide range of precast concrete structures, both for simple and quick executions, as well as for complex, large-scale projects.


Ferrobeton Romania's services also include the successful delivery of precast concrete elements, by standard or oversized transport, directly to the construction site.

We can organize, in the most efficient way possible, the transport of our products in collaboration with our partners specialized in the logistics of the largest precast concrete elements.

ÎTogether with them, we optimize the logistics routes, choosing the most efficient ways to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, while ensuring that the precast elements will reach the construction site in a timely manner and in safe conditions.


In addition to design, technical consultancy and logistics, Ferrobeton Romania's services also include on-site assembly.

Implemented with experienced teams, where everyone involved complies with the strictest standards regarding safety and security at work, showing precision and efficiency in operation, the assembly service is the step that ensures the successful completion of each delivered project!

The integrated solutions offered to our clients aim at both a high degree of quality for precast concrete structures and the best quality level of associated services, such as assembly, with the careful follow-up of the agreed terms with our partners.

After-sales services

After-sales services are our commitment to stay by your side and exceed your expectations through close communication and customized solutions, even after your project has been successfully completed.

Our team's focus is on honoring our commitments to our customers and we make every effort in this direction.

It is our firm belief that our success depends on long-lasting partnerships, and thus the satisfaction of our clients is always in our focus regardless of the stage of their projects.


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Who We Are

As a national leader in our industry, Konstruktion is revolutionizing what you expect from a contractor.

Who We Are

As a national leader in our industry, Konstruktion is revolutionizing what you expect from a contractor.

Who We Are

As a national leader in our industry, Konstruktion is revolutionizing what you expect from a contractor.