Choosing Ferrobeton, a CRH company, means choosing one of the world’s leaders in the field of construction materials, who pays special attention to the health and safety of its employees, assures an optimal framework for the long-term career development and a challenging work environment in a company focused on people and its teams.  

Our position is based on the unique industrial expertise, significant investments in research and development and partnerships with the most prestigious institutions.

We expand the talents of all our employees

The development of the professional potential of our employees by numerous learning activities at the work place, training and coaching used on all levels of the organisation is essential for assuring the company’s long-term success by its talented people. We support the skills and abilities of each individual, making sure that all employees are able to develop and grow at full potential, using their talent in a value generating manner. All these are possible by implementing mature human resources processes focused on training and long-term career planning.  

Along their professional path, Ferrobeton has offered employees internal formation programs, correlated to specific occupations and the Group’s culture. The informal "on-the-job” training is highly valuated.

External training programs provided by specialty organisations or business schools may be offered in response to specific individual needs. 

Ever since employment, the new colleagues go through a formal "onboarding program" comprising familiarisation visits and discussions with persons in all departments. The onboarding program comprises an important part of labour health and safety, as well as industry-specific process themes.

For Ferrobeton, the concern for professional development represents a long-term investment. Skilled, prepared and satisfied employees of the organisation have an important role in achieving the group success. The skill formation and development programs enable employees to build a career within the Group.