Each action matters. Discover Ferrobeton Romania's vision, goals, results and plans regarding sustainability and recycling!

Our vision

When talking about sustainability in constructions, every action counts. What we build, how we build and what we build with makes a difference.

Ferrobeton Romania is part of the CRH Group, recognized as a global sustainability leader in its activity sector by the S&P Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index (DJSI) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). These recognitions reflect our Group's ongoing commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures and reporting.

Within the CRH Group companies we evolve together and act towards solving 3 major global challenges: carbon footprint reduction, waste management and water resource management.

Our vision is to develop sustainable solutions that build, connect and contribute to a better world.

Did you know that CRH Group, in 2022, reduced carbon emissions by 7% year on year? If you want to see how we manage to act sustainably every day, take a look at CRH's latest Sustainability Performance Report, available here.


Within the CRH Group it is a tradition to collaborate with specialized partners to increase the lifespan of our products and recycle responsibly.

Here are just a few of our Group's recent recycling achievements:

  • 42.4 million tons of fuels and alternative materials recycled within the whole Group;
  • Together with colleagues from all over the world we managed to save, through recycling, 140 billion liters of water;
  • The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) organization awarded the CRH Group with the rating A, the highest, for measures taken to protect climate and water resources. This rating recognizes our ongoing efforts to protect biodiversity and reuse and recycle water to protect local resources.

Ferrobeton Romania wants to evolve in a way where our whole activity has a positive impact on the world around us.

What we leave behind matters!

reciclare sustenabilitate ferrobeton romania

Waste management

Urbanization, population growth and the fast development of the construction sector bring with them the challenge of responsible waste management, a challenge that the CRH Group focuses on together with exceptional partners and engineers.

The use of waste and by-products as raw materials in production processes has been a sustainable practice for decades in CRH.

Circular economy is the key word. We are reimagining how raw materials are used to develop innovative solutions and products, but also how products can be reintegrated into the economy after the end of their expected life. Our group sees the circular economy as an opportunity to grow in a sustainable way and provide solutions for generations.

Did you know that CRH Group managed to recycle over 90% of the waste generated by its companies?

The efforts of Ferrobeton Romania’s are complemented by those of colleagues from all CRH companies in Romania, for a responsible waste management. An example is the Sapphire Energy factory in Făgăraș, specialized in the production of alternative fuel.


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Who We Are

As a national leader in our industry, Konstruktion is revolutionizing what you expect from a contractor.

Who We Are

As a national leader in our industry, Konstruktion is revolutionizing what you expect from a contractor.

Who We Are

As a national leader in our industry, Konstruktion is revolutionizing what you expect from a contractor.