About Us

Ferrobeton, member of CRH Group, is an experienced producer executing precast and precompressed concrete products, used for road infrastructure and for civil, industrial and agricultural engineering respectively.
Ferrobeton România activates in the factory located in the outskirts of Ploiești, near the ring road, a factory whose construction was finished in 2008 following the model of other factories in our group, as the ones in Belgium and Poland. With this model, CRH brings to Romania the know-how of these producers.

From July 2022, Simbeton SRL is part of Romcim S.A., a company from the CRH group, together with Elpreco S.A. and Ferrobeton Romania SRL.

Thus began a new stage in our concrete precast production activity and we are better prepared to respond to the needs of the Romanian market, to offer our partners products and services of the highest quality.

The range of services and products offered by Ferrobeton România comprises both precast elements (planning, production, transport and assembly) and monolithic concrete structures (planning and execution), thus providing customers with economically and technically attractive options.

Ferrobeton România entered the market of precast elements offering customer-oriented flexible services, efficiency and a favourable quality/price ratio.

Concerning strategy, Ferrobeton România is not only market-oriented, but also results-oriented and together with the companies of the CRH Group: CRH România and Elpreco it can respond to any request in the construction field: cement, all types of concrete, including decorative ones, aggregates, road binders and fillers, AAC, paving, sewage systems, landscaping, etc.

Having a team of highly qualified engineers in production, planning and sales, Ferrobeton România manages to provide to its customers competitive solutions that integrate the know-how of similar companies, members of CRH Group, in Belgium, United States of America, France and Poland, with experience of more than 40 years in the field.
Equipped with state of the art technology for concrete manufacturing, our concrete plant may produce high quality concrete up to C80/95. The capacity of the concrete plant amounts to 22.5 cubic meters per hour.

The production lines have a length starting from 120 and 180 meters, thus enabling us to cast elements with lengths up to 60 meters during a short period of time.

The used stressing technology is of stand type. The factory has two stands of 120 m and 180 m, each with 10 production lines, where we can produce precompressed parts with stress forces of up to 3500 tons-force per stand, whereby the whole process is computer-based.

The parts are handled via running bridges with a total capacity of 180 tons.
The factory has its own laboratory where the concrete recipes are prepared, the ingredients (aggregates, cement, casings) are controlled and the general testing of precast parts is performed to assure the quality required by the norms in force.

For the transport and assembly we work together with one of the most important companies in the field in Romania, and with the help of our engineers we always make sure that we provide the best consultancy services to our customers.

Ferrobeton România holds certifications (EC quality certificates) for the control of production of various precompressed concrete parts for civil, industrial and agricultural engineering works, such as:

  • bridge beams;
  • sleeve foundations;
  • columns;
  • reinforced/precompressed beams;
  • elements for ribbed floors;
  • filled walls and sandwich walls;
  • pre-slabs.

In 2013, we obtained the ISO 9001/2008 certification for the integrated management system and the license as AFER railway supplier.

The large volume of production, rapid assignment of capacities, planning consultancy, flexibility regarding the changes in projects and the orientation towards the client, all recommend Ferrobeton as one of the most performant producer for precast concrete parts for constructions in Romania.


CRH undertakes to perform its business activities with our customers, suppliers, business partners, local authorities and communities, shareholders and employees in a sustainable, ethical and responsible manner, building long-term relationships, based on trust and sustained by our basic integrity, correctness and law observance values.